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Name:Remy LeBeau

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Remy LeBeau is owned by Marvel Comics and Disney, not me. Ian Somerhalder, also not owned by me, owns himself. I just write. This journal is for roleplay purposes alone. No copyright infringement is intended.


Muse and mun are over 18. NSFW content, including icons and writing, will be found within.


Remy LeBeau is a human mutant, able to intensify the kinetic energy that is within all things. He can do this in one of two ways. Either he charges things up so high with it that they explode a few moments later, or he simply speeds up that kinetic energy, causing things to move faster and less controlled. His use of energy causes his mind to be 'fuzzy' to telepaths, making it nearly impossible for his mind to be read or manipulated. He also can use the energy to cause a kind of hypnotic vibe, when he meets someone's eyes. This hypnosis causes the lowering of inhibitions and a suggestibility that makes people tend to do whatever Remy asks them to.

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